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How Fire Inc Atlanta Continues to Dominate

Below is an interview with the president of Fire Inc (Atlanta, GA), Malcolm Elavia conducted by Patrick Boneville of Inc Reviews. We have been granted permission to post this content in its entirety.

Fire Inc Atlanta MalcomWhat is it about Fire Inc that makes it one of the best places to work in Atlanta?

Well, I’m sure everyone has their own idea about what makes our company great. You might hear some of our employees talk about our culture and work environment, which is definitely one of the main things that attracts top talent to work with us. From other staff members, you might hear them talk about the opportunity for advancement. We’ve got some high performing “entrepreneurs-in-training,” and like a lot of us, they are fueled by an opportunity for advancement and a career path. Personally, I think it’s our compensation packages combined with our upward mobility that keeps us ahead of the pack.

You mentioned the work environment at Fire Inc. What about it makes people want to apply to work at your company?

We have a lot of young people working here. A lot of these guys and girls come from the hospitality and customer relations industry. In those industries there are two types of people. There are people who complain and like to gossip and there are those who get the job done and are great with people. The latter of those two groups are who we hire consistently and it’s a breath of fresh air for those people to get away from the first group. Everyone works together extremely well and has a great attitudes towards business and life in general.

So you’re saying that a key component to your success is hiring people with great attitudes?


Ok great. You also mentioned opportunity for advancement within your company is something that is held in high regard. So people have a pretty good chance of moving up?

That’s a little understated, but yes. We’ve got a track-record of success in expanding into new markets and taking on additional clients in different verticals throughout the United States. So, that gives our staff great confidence in our company’s procedures and internal promotion structure. However, we’re not to the point where we need to be yet, so there are many more markets available to us and several clients knocking on our door. These companies are huge and they desperately need someone to take the reins on their marketing campaigns and get the ball rolling. What this means for our people is a simple concept, really. Those who do the best work for our clients and show merit in training, leadership, and administration get promoted into managing partnerships pretty quickly.

For more information regarding career opportunities at Fire Inc, please visit our main website. For business tips, visit Fire Inc on Tumblr.

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The Fire Inc. Atlanta Team Enjoys Some R&R in the Bahamas!

The Fire Inc. Atlanta Team Enjoys Some R&R in the Bahamas!

From hard work comes great reward. This year, the Fire Inc. Atlanta management team had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas. Throughout the entire year, the team worked hard to reach their goals. Their dedication, persistency, and commitment to success allowed the team to enjoy some R&R in this amazing place!

During their trip to the Bahamas, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team attended business meetings where they were able to pick the brains of other successful business owners and discussed best business practices. The team enjoyed this networking event with other business owners and allowed them to grow as business professionals.

Not only the Fire Inc. Atlanta team had the opportunity to participate in these business meetings, but they also relaxed at the beautiful Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. From enjoying a beautiful evening at the beach, to swimming with the dolphins, the team sure had an excellent time in the Bahamas. Malcolm Elavia, president of Fire Inc.Atlanta stated, “This was a chance to not only celebrate our victories by relaxing at the beach, but also a chance to re-energize the team to keep winning!”

The team shared, “We most enjoyed getting to spend time with each other while relaxing and enjoying some R&R. We really enjoyed the themed dinners, the amazing water parks, and gorgeous beaches!

Now that the team is back from their trip and they had a chance to re-charge their batteries, they are all ready to finish the year strong. They have started planning their new goals and are ready to start a strong 2015. The Fire Inc. Atlanta team cannot wait for all the great opportunities they will have next year!

Fire Inc. Atlanta- Trip to the Bahamas 2014 (13)


Fire Inc. Atlanta- Trip to the Bahamas 2014 (17)

To find out more about the Fire Inc. Atlanta team and all of the opportunities available, visit the company’s website:

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Women of Fire Inc. Atlanta- Amber Meredith

Fire Inc. Atlanta attended an Eastern Regional Conference in Orlando in June of this year. One of our clients announced the opportunity to earn an amazing bonus. The top 26 account managers would win an exclusive, expenses paid, 4 day trip to Puerto Rico! The moment Amber knew about this bonus, she was determined to do her best to win one of these coveted spots on the trip. After all her hard work, she was announced as one of the winners! Congratulations Amber, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team is very happy and excited for you. We know that you deserve it!

Let’s take a minute with Amber Meredith and find out how she won the trip:

Question: What was your strategy going into to contest?

Answer: “I knew winning the trip to Puerto Rico would definitely be a challenge because I was completely against account managers nationwide. What helped me succeed was keeping my determination high and envisioning achieving my goal.”

Question: What drives your competitiveness?

Answer: “I love the feeling I get when I challenge myself to beat my own records and achieve more than I previously thought I could.”

Question: Who will you be taking with you?

Answer: “I’m so excited to get to bring a plus one, but I haven’t officially decided who to bring yet.

Again, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team is very proud of Amber’s accomplishments. We can’t wait to hear all about her trip upon her return!

To find out more about the Fire Inc. Atlanta team, visit our website or check out our job opportunities at our CareerBuilder page!

Amber Meredith

Amber Meredith


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Words of Wisdom Along With Hard Work Results in Success

At Fire Inc. Atlanta, the team knows that in order to reach success, it is important to have the vision of who you want to be and set goals to lead the way. Every day, our team members come full of energy and excited to accomplish their dreams. This hard work is noticed and as a result our team had three recent promotions.

Dustin Vickers, Romeo Silverman and Chris Grilliard were recently recognized at Fire Inc. Atlanta’s top leaders! They are a true example of discipline, hard work, positive attitude and willingness to succeed and grow.

Our leaders shared with the rest of the team that it is important to have someone to look up to. That it is important to keep in mind the words that will inspire you to keep moving forward.

Dustin Vickers stated, “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” —Peter Drucker

Romeo Silverman quoted Harry S. Truman, “Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

Chris Grilliard’s favorite quote is from Mr. Douglas MacArthur, “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.”

How about you? What are the words that move you?

-Fire Inc. Atlanta


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