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3 Ways to Plant Your Roots in a New Job

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Change is uncomfortable, especially in the workplace. Any time you get a new job, transfer to a different location, or find yourself in a new environment that requires you to perform to a certain standard, you will undoubtedly be put under stress. But, stress or not, you are still required to perform at the level of everyone else. Here are three tips to help you transition into a new position and, maybe even more importantly, grow into the next one.

Get Your Voice Heard

There are plenty of times when an individual enters into a group and voices their opinion about how something should operate. While that person may be correct in their thinking, they will lack the credibility within that group to have their opinion heard. A group tends to dismiss new ideas from newly acclimated members.

In order to truly be heard and gain credibility within a group, you should first focus on performance. That is to say that you opinion doesn’t have to do with some ethical or legal wrongdoing of the company or members therein. Once the members of your new peer group see what kind of performance you can bring to the table, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you gain support of your ideas and solutions to problems.

Ask for Advice from People You Respect

In almost every organization, there is a mentor-ship structure. Some companies call them supervisors or team leaders. Some organizations call them mentors, “Big Brothers,” or “Big Sisters.” Whatever they’re called in your new work environment, that’s the first person you should lean on for advice and support. They’ve probably earned that position for a reason and you should get the advice where it is most readily available.

After you’ve gotten as much knowledge as possible from your “supervisor,” it might be time to find a mentor. It’s pretty simple. Just find someone you trust and admire and start building a relationship.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

While it may be important to “find your own groove,” going against your traditional habits and modes of operation is critical in the beginning stages of a new position. Unless you got hired directly into a management position with zero oversight, you’re going to need to do things the way that the company does them. Take this one step further though. Look to see what the top performer is doing and do what they are. Once you start achieving top results, you can then “find your own groove.”

In summary, making the most out of your new position comes down to one basic principle. You have to gain credibility and respect through work performance. Don’t just “talk the talk.” Become the top performer as quickly as possible. Once you do this, you’ll be able to sway group decisions, earn promotions, and command the respect of the people you work with.

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How to Grow Your Business Using Referrals

Is your business just in the beginning phase of growth? Do you want to see it blossom into a successful venture? Then you will want to know about the best strategies to use to grow it into that success. One of the greatest ways to do this is by making use of referrals.

Referral programs are popular for several reasons. First, they are both cost effective and time saving. Second, they are terrific ways to improve interaction. Here are the ways you can use referrals effectively to help you grow your business.

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Once a business starts, it is not necessarily headed for success, and this is not always the fault of the owners. Economic factors can impact a business’s success. However, you can make many good plans and decisions to ensure your business gets off to the best start possible. You must plan carefully when deciding to make use of referral programs.

Start your referral campaign by figuring out your own goals for it, the target audience for it, incentives, rewards, and ways to track its progress. Your referral program may already include all these elements, so many of these items are already going to be taken care of for you.

Be sure that when you make use of incentives you do not over promise and under deliver. Many customers will refer others if they receive a gift or discount from you. However, if they do not see that they are getting the rewards they expect for their hard work, it could reflect badly on you. This could impact your reputation, so always make sure to deliver on any promises you make.

Finally, create networks for your referrals. The most common way to do this is through word of mouth. You can also look for affiliates and networks that will allow you to connect with as many new customers as possible. This will lead to bigger companies connecting with you and referring you to a greater base of clients.

Once your referral program is running, be sure to keep track of its program. You need to know what is working and what needs work. You also need to know where your clients are coming from and which incentives are working to lure them to your company.

Try making use of a referral program. It is one of the easiest ways to grow your new business and make it the success you want for it to be. To see how Fire Inc nurtures client relationships, visit our website.

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The Fire Inc. Atlanta Team Enjoys Some R&R in the Bahamas!

The Fire Inc. Atlanta Team Enjoys Some R&R in the Bahamas!

From hard work comes great reward. This year, the Fire Inc. Atlanta management team had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas. Throughout the entire year, the team worked hard to reach their goals. Their dedication, persistency, and commitment to success allowed the team to enjoy some R&R in this amazing place!

During their trip to the Bahamas, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team attended business meetings where they were able to pick the brains of other successful business owners and discussed best business practices. The team enjoyed this networking event with other business owners and allowed them to grow as business professionals.

Not only the Fire Inc. Atlanta team had the opportunity to participate in these business meetings, but they also relaxed at the beautiful Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. From enjoying a beautiful evening at the beach, to swimming with the dolphins, the team sure had an excellent time in the Bahamas. Malcolm Elavia, president of Fire Inc.Atlanta stated, “This was a chance to not only celebrate our victories by relaxing at the beach, but also a chance to re-energize the team to keep winning!”

The team shared, “We most enjoyed getting to spend time with each other while relaxing and enjoying some R&R. We really enjoyed the themed dinners, the amazing water parks, and gorgeous beaches!

Now that the team is back from their trip and they had a chance to re-charge their batteries, they are all ready to finish the year strong. They have started planning their new goals and are ready to start a strong 2015. The Fire Inc. Atlanta team cannot wait for all the great opportunities they will have next year!

Fire Inc. Atlanta- Trip to the Bahamas 2014 (13)


Fire Inc. Atlanta- Trip to the Bahamas 2014 (17)

To find out more about the Fire Inc. Atlanta team and all of the opportunities available, visit the company’s website:

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Women of Fire Inc. Atlanta- Amber Meredith

Fire Inc. Atlanta attended an Eastern Regional Conference in Orlando in June of this year. One of our clients announced the opportunity to earn an amazing bonus. The top 26 account managers would win an exclusive, expenses paid, 4 day trip to Puerto Rico! The moment Amber knew about this bonus, she was determined to do her best to win one of these coveted spots on the trip. After all her hard work, she was announced as one of the winners! Congratulations Amber, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team is very happy and excited for you. We know that you deserve it!

Let’s take a minute with Amber Meredith and find out how she won the trip:

Question: What was your strategy going into to contest?

Answer: “I knew winning the trip to Puerto Rico would definitely be a challenge because I was completely against account managers nationwide. What helped me succeed was keeping my determination high and envisioning achieving my goal.”

Question: What drives your competitiveness?

Answer: “I love the feeling I get when I challenge myself to beat my own records and achieve more than I previously thought I could.”

Question: Who will you be taking with you?

Answer: “I’m so excited to get to bring a plus one, but I haven’t officially decided who to bring yet.

Again, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team is very proud of Amber’s accomplishments. We can’t wait to hear all about her trip upon her return!

To find out more about the Fire Inc. Atlanta team, visit our website or check out our job opportunities at our CareerBuilder page!

Amber Meredith

Amber Meredith


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