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Women of Fire Inc. Atlanta- Amber Meredith

Fire Inc. Atlanta attended an Eastern Regional Conference in Orlando in June of this year. One of our clients announced the opportunity to earn an amazing bonus. The top 26 account managers would win an exclusive, expenses paid, 4 day trip to Puerto Rico! The moment Amber knew about this bonus, she was determined to do her best to win one of these coveted spots on the trip. After all her hard work, she was announced as one of the winners! Congratulations Amber, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team is very happy and excited for you. We know that you deserve it!

Let’s take a minute with Amber Meredith and find out how she won the trip:

Question: What was your strategy going into to contest?

Answer: “I knew winning the trip to Puerto Rico would definitely be a challenge because I was completely against account managers nationwide. What helped me succeed was keeping my determination high and envisioning achieving my goal.”

Question: What drives your competitiveness?

Answer: “I love the feeling I get when I challenge myself to beat my own records and achieve more than I previously thought I could.”

Question: Who will you be taking with you?

Answer: “I’m so excited to get to bring a plus one, but I haven’t officially decided who to bring yet.

Again, the Fire Inc. Atlanta team is very proud of Amber’s accomplishments. We can’t wait to hear all about her trip upon her return!

To find out more about the Fire Inc. Atlanta team, visit our website or check out our job opportunities at our CareerBuilder page!

Amber Meredith

Amber Meredith


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Fire Inc. Atlanta Pumpkin Carving Contest

Halloween might be behind us, with only the discounted candy and discarded pumpkins in the grocery stores to remind us of the holiday.  But here at Fire Inc. Atlanta we plan to keep the festivities going for just a little longer as we present the winners of our Halloween pumpkin carving contest.

The pumpkin contest results were amazing, and it was difficult to pick a winner.  Despite the fact that the judges had allowed entries to be more than just carving (suggestions included using straight pins to attach decorations or painting the pumpkins), all of the entries did an excellent job with nothing more than just a knife and a pumpkin.

Entries were judged on originality, ingenious use of inexpensive and recycled materials, quality of the work, suitability of the title, and quality of work.

The winners of the contest will have a pizza party and special recognition in the organization newsletter.

Here are the finalists:

The High Seas- Fire Inc. Atlanta

The Avengers- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Pumpkin Piggy- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Puking Pumpkin - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Pissed Pumpkin- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Jack O Lantern Family -Fire Inc. Atlanta

Goblin- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Belichick's Ball - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Flying Dragon - Fire Inc. Atlanta

And the winner was this pumpkin, entitled “Pitching out his bum”

Pitching Out His Bum - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Thanks to everyone who participated for making the season a festive one!


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The Digital Office Daydream

Ryan Anderson has imagined the offices of the future—specifically twenty years down the road. And though the definition of “going to work” has changed in his daydream, much remains the same. In an article on the BBC, Anderson discusses what he thinks work could be like in the future.


Mobile technologies, even today, have had an effect on how and where work is completed. Some people can do their work completely remotely without any real issues. In the future Anderson imagines, most traditional office workers will be “remote,” going to work at a kind of local hotspot where they can literally plug in and connect with either an interactive or private network.


Gamers, who have a reputation for being able to collaborate, match skills, and share goals virtually, would inspire these new norms. Drawing on game structures, businesses would begin teaching their employees how to work together without ever actually meeting face-to-face.


Anderson predicts that in the future, workers will have control over when and where they work. They will still have options and opportunities to meet face-to-face with people, but it won’t necessarily be an everyday occurrence.


Carbon footprints would be decreased because people would no longer have to commute. Work would be more easily accessible and instantly available once at a local workspace. Companies wouldn’t have to hold so much real estate property hostage. Speech would be instantly translatable into the listener’s native language.


And despite the fact that people would spend most of their time meeting digitally, they would still value face time with one another when establishing relationships and trust.




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Social Media Guidelines everyone should follow

With the birth of social media—and the ensuing boom of the industry—it’s become more important than ever to guard your identity, your profile, and what you share with others. While social media websites do a great job of making us feel like only we and our friends can see what’s posted, that’s not always the case.


While it’s great to be able to share what you do in your personal time as well as who you work for, it’s also essential that you’re aware of what you’re making visible to others. Here are some guidelines from Fire Inc. Atlanta to help ensure you don’t upset your employers or share information you don’t necessarily want everyone to know:


  1. Think before you speak—if you’re joining into any conversation, especially a work-related one, make sure you first understand the context of the conversation. Respond to ideas rather than people, and stay away from being offensive. If you are angry, it’s best to let yourself cool off and then decide how (and if) to respond.
  2. Decide if your purpose is personal or professional—Why are you using social networking? Is it for your friends or your business reputation? Try to keep the two separate, perhaps using Facebook for personal and LinkedIn for professional.
  3. Carefully review postings—Whether it’s a video or a photo, consider what it looks like to others before posting it. Perhaps you had a great time at your New Year’s party, but posting an embarrassing (albeit funny) picture where you’re clearly intoxicated doesn’t bode well for your professionalism. Be aware of your level of privacy when posting by reading the site’s terms of use.
  4. Consider what you’re writing and who can see it—For example, it may not be a great idea to post about where you live, when you’re leaving for vacation, etc. You could be compromising your own privacy and security, and also that of others.

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Fire Inc. Atlanta gives money and time to the 2012 Buddy Walk

Fire Inc. Atlanta and Wyatt's Warriors at the 2012 Buddy Walk

Fire Inc. Atlanta and Wyatt's Warriors at the 2012 Buddy Walk

Wyatt's Warriors at the 2012 Buddy Walk

Fire Inc. Atlanta recently spent their weekend donating time and money to the 2012 Buddy Walk.  The Buddy Walk is a program organized by the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta, which has planned buddy walks throughout the United States in an effort to both raise money for the Association as well as promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with Down Syndrome in the communities where they live.

Buddy Walks were orginially established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October.   The 2012 Atlanta Buddy Walk was a quarter-mile walk in which anyone can participate without special training.  Not only is it an inspirational and educational event that celebrates all of the accomplishments of people with Down Syndrome in the Atlanta Community, but it also raised money for the programs that help families with the syndrome lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Fire Inc. Atlanta became involved in the Buddy Walk through Kris Corn, whose son Wyatt was born with Down Syndrome.  When Wyatt was born Kris admits that all the family knew was the stereotypical and general information that everyone seems to know about the syndrome, but that despite his diagnosis Wyatt is thriving.

“Nothing EVER keeps this little guy from reaching his fullest potent,” Kris wrote. “Despite the fact that he had to undergo open-heart surgery and has physical, occupational, speech and feeding therapies each week to keep him close in development with all his peers…Wyatt is thriving!!!”

It is because of events like the Buddy Walk that Wyatt has access to the services and support he needs, and because of this Kris formed a team for the walk called “Wyatt’s Warriors” that participates every year in the walk.

Fire Inc. Atlanta was happy to be a sponsor of the walk and gladly participated in the Wyatt’s Warriors team.  The team turned out in force for the event, including owner Malcolm Elavia.

Fire Inc. Atlanta fights off superheroes at the Atlanta Buddy Walk

While the autumn day was a little blustery, the 2500 people in attendance enjoyed themselves immensely.  The walk raised $177,560, and hopes to make that number an even $200,000 by December 31, 2012.

See more pictures from the event at our Facebook and find out more information about Fire Inc. Atlanta at the BBB website or on our Yellow Pages. 


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Sales Prospecting

When done correctly, sales prospecting can have a significant positive effect on your sales revenue. So, how can you more successfully prospect? Here are a few simple suggestions to help get the ball rolling:

1.     Assess your situation, including what and where your product works best, how you have been branded, how effective previous (if any) prospecting has been, and how much time you can afford to spend prospecting.

2.     Set a goal for your revenue based on your assessment. Challenge yourself, but stay realistic.

3.     Develop a strategy for prospecting. How will you successfully reach your goal? Here are some examples of tried-and-true strategies:

a.     Ask around for leads to determine who might be interested in your product or service, then make a target list of companies and be able to justify why they would be a good fit for you

b.     Commit to a specific prospecting schedule and build your week around it

c.      Qualify your prospects—learn about their current situation and what barriers might be present

d.     Follow up with interested prospects

e.     Know your audience, including the company and top executives

f.      Be familiar with your message. It shouldn’t sound scripted, but you should know what you plan to say

g.     Be prepared for common objections and questions

h.     Take notes to help your credibility in future meetings

And remember, there is always room for improvement. Take the time to hone your skills and try new methods. Prospecting may not be the most comfortable or rewarding part of sales, but when used correctly it can be incredibly effective.


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Components of a Marketing Plan

Every successful business has strategies for marketing their products and services. The most effective way to organize and assess multiple marketing strategies is to create a marketing plan. This multi-sectioned plan will outline your company’s purpose, intended marketing strategies, and more.

As with any report or plan, a marketing plan should begin with an introduction. This is where the company’s mission statement and marketing plan’s purpose are outlined. This will enable the reader to become familiar with the company and its goals.

The next section analyzes the current market and where the company stands. This section should cover current products, target markets, distributor networks, competitors, financial analysis, and external forces.

Following the market analysis is the company’s marketing strategy and objectives. This should answer any questions about which strategies will be used, what the financial objectives are, and what the marketing (non-financial) objectives are.

The fourth section is basically the hearth of the plan. Ideally taking up about half of the total plan, this section is for tactical marketing programs (i.e. how the established goals and objectives are to be reached). The following areas are key to this section: target markets, products, promotion, pricing, distribution, and other areas. It can also include a comparative summary of previous vs. current marketing decisions.

Now, it’s time to prove that your plan is viable. In the next section, you should cover three key topics: marketing budget, expected performance analysis, and implementation schedule.

Finally, the reader should be provided with additional information to consider, such as internal and external factors that could affect the plan. Here is also where research limitations should be brought to light. The goal of this section is to balance out the plan and prepare any potential investors for changes that could occur.

Obviously, creating a strong marketing plan will take more than just a few minutes out of your day. It is important to research thoroughly and understand the currant market’s climate. Luckily, doing so will help your company move toward success.


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