Why You Should Want To Be An Entrepreneur

22 Feb


While it might not be the first thing that people think of when discussing their career goals, we at Fire Inc believe that being an entrepreneur is one of the best professions around. This is because of the freedom is gives, the ability to make a ton of money, and the company that you will be keeping as well. All of these things combine together to make a profession that truly has no equal and that everyone should aspire to if they want to have control over their lives.

Entrepreneurs are people who are always on the go, who always get to follow the amazing ideas that come to them. They don’t have to worry that they are going to get fired, that there won’t be a place for them, or that a company will move on without them. Instead, they get to be the ones who move on without the company, the ones who make it so that they are at the front of every new advancement. Many times they are the people founding, growing, selling, and creating deals with amazing companies.

Everywhere around us there are entrepreneurs who are ready to be the next big thing. They found companies like Uber, Lift, Microsoft, Google, and many others. They create solutions where none existed before, and they say that the world is their oyster. They don’t care if the best people work in another country, they can relocate there for a few months and find the people that fit their team perfectly. After a few years, they have contacts all of the globe, making it easy for them to deal with anything that is thrown their way. We find that people with this type of a go-getter/do whatever it takes attitude make the best managers within Fire Inc’s organization.

An entrepreneur is someone who goes to sleep and wakes up with an idea that they can actually act upon. Anything that they think of they can do. There is no “future” for them, there is only the present. They never have to wait to enact their plans, they are always able to do what they want when they want it.

And entrepreneur is also someone who is their own boss, they don’t have to worry about missing work or not having enough time with their families because they set their own hours. They can work at night, in the morning, in split shifts, or only on the weekends. They can work anywhere, taking vacations and still managing to pull things together. They can even take time off when they need to, allowing their family members to feel better cared for on the whole.

Finally, an entrepreneur is someone who creates new markets and jobs for people who wouldn’t otherwise have them. They see a need that is aching to be filled and they come up with a way to fill it. They don’t leave it up to chance, instead they stick to their guns and make sure that everyone they come into contact with is going to have the best possible life. They are the elevators of their community.

Here in Atlanta, Fire Inc promotes entrepreneurship within our company through merit-based advancement and corporate equity programs. Read more about our promotion structure on our website

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