3 Reasons to Do Charity Work

05 May

Fire Inc Atlanta Work Reviews

Here at Fire Inc, our staff regularly engages in philanthropic opportunities that help solve local and global problems. While this is a mainstay in our work environment and we have no trouble at all rallying the troops around a cause, other business owners who want to get involved in similar activities find it extremely difficult to motivate their staff to jump in and lend a hand. So, if you are in a company that regularly engages in charity work and you’re wondering why you should get involved, here are some great reasons. Alternatively, if you are in a leadership position in your company and you’re wondering how to get people involved, your next meeting should have the following reasons mentioned (don’t just tell people to ‘do it because it’s part of your job’).

Charity Work Can Bring Perspective and Humility

The first person who turned me on to charity work was Tony Robbins. In one of his many great public speeches, he stated that he regularly gets his family involved in charity work so that they can gain perspective on the world around them. Whether a person is facing tough times or they aren’t humbled, then this is a no-brainer. Helping others with their problems and/or difficulties can snap us out of whatever sad story we are self-narrating in our lives at the moment.

Charity Work Can Provide That One Missing Piece for Someone

There are so many people that say, “Well if that bum really wanted money, McDonald’s is hiring right now.” While that may sound like a logical solution to us, we have to realize that a lot of people who are in need simply lack some of the basic skills required to gain employment. By helping people, not just the homeless, we are able to teach these basic skills that these people may not have learned otherwise. Sometimes, that’s all they need to go on living meaningful lives.

You Can Learn New Skills

There are several charitable organizations and volunteer activities where you won’t just be helping others benefit, but you’ll be learning something new yourself. Want to learn something about building a house? Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Want to learn how to be a leader? All you have to do is volunteer to actually be one.

There are so many opportunities to better ourselves by helping others that we’ll have to make another post about it next week. Just remember this – life isn’t about all of the glitz and glamour that the media shoves down our throat. It’s about the amount and quality of help that you give in the world, both global and domestic.

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