Creating a Life and a Career With No Regrets

25 Apr

So many people are in the job market looking to make as much money for as little effort as possible. That might sound like a great idea, and someone who lands such a job might sound very lucky, indeed. However, many people are forgetting about the one unequivocal law regarding the flow of money in the economy.

You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you create in the marketplace. – T. Harv Eker

The so-called American Dream is often dramatized in movies, books, videos, and other forms of mass communication. We have been brought up from a very young age hoping to someday get a job that will pay us a lot of money and that will still allow for time with the family, vacations, two vehicles, and maybe even a white picket fence thrown in there for good measure. Unfortunately for the average individual, all this has done is turned us into debt-seeking consumers with a need for instant gratification.

Just look at the average American family’s income vs expenses. There are several legitimate sources that you can do a search for online. Look really hard at the numbers and you’ll see something pretty obvious. Among many implications of the statistics, is the notion that almost all of us wants the “good life,” but not all of us are going to get it. That could be for a number of reasons, like lack of education, lack of skills, lack of willpower, whatever.

I’m not arguing the mode of insufficiency, I’m simply pointing out that most people are not truly living “the good life.”

They are renting it.

Not only are they are renting the luxuries of “the good life”, there’s an extremely high cost attached as well. That cost is hating 85% of a person’s life…the part that involves working in someone else’s company.

Now I’m not going to bore you with all of the drudgeries that go with finding a job that you don’t like, but it’s vital to understand that they definitely exist. When a person is looking to get paid a lot for doing very little, they are already doomed in living a fulfilling life that’s remotely close to being worthwhile.

The true path to success in business leading to wealth and prosperity lies in finding a position where you can add value to the marketplace. If you don’t have anything to add yet, that’s okay. Find a place that’s willing to teach you skills, or educate you on how to add something of value. Do it extremely well so that customers/clients are banging down your door for that value, and you’ll be a success.

While others might seem “lucky’ to get posh positions and don’t have to work very hard, be content in knowing that a life worthwhile has no shortcuts. Innovate, work harder than anyone else, test your limits, expand your horizons, and see what happens. You won’t have any regrets, I promise you that.

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