Follow Your Passion?? Success Isn’t That Easy.

07 Apr

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As more and more people are entering the workforce, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out just where you fit into the mix. I’m sure you’ve heard that you should find whatever it is that makes you ‘tick’ and to just do that one thing as a career. You might have even heard that you should ‘follow your passion.’ While advice like this might sound nice, and it does indeed come from a good place, there are many problems with it and taking it literally will leave you broke. Here’s why…

The Problem with Following Your Passion and Finding a Career

I was asked the other day what I was passionate about. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of anything. I think it’s just that I had never really thought about it that hard. Although, I can remember certain periods of time when I was passionate about something, that is, until I got bored with it and moved on to something else. I’m sure you can relate. So, the first inherent problem with this type of career advice is that you first have to find something you’re really passionate about. That in itself is sort of the meaning of life, isn’t it? Identifying what your unique gifts are and giving them to the world? Yikes. To most people out there, like me, this can take a majority of your adult life to figure out. Besides, what I was passionate about when I was just entering the workforce is no longer a driving force for me. Here’s more on that subject from Tai Lopez, an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Now, if you’re one of those people who have already figured out what really drives you and that you know deep down that you will always be passionate about it, then congratulations. Consider yourself quite a few steps ahead of everyone else. The second problem, though, is discovering how to monetize that passion. I’m not saying that you should come up with a million-dollar idea or anything. In fact, it is extremely unlikely that you will. However, you need to find a way to add value to other people with your talents, passion, unique knowledge, etc. in exchange for monetary compensation. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s going to pay your bills. Furthermore, the people that can benefit from whatever you’re offering aren’t even going to know you from Adam. I’m sure you can understand the dilemma here. You’re going to need to learn some important business skills along the way so that you can market and sell whatever it is you’re going to offer.

The Solution

There is a five step formula to creating wealth in America right now. Tai Lopez is talking about it quite a bit. Warren Buffet has mentioned it several times. Mark Cuban talks about it on almost every episode of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’ Here it is:

Step One: Develop a service or product that adds value to a large group of people/businesses.

Step Two: Study the competition and figure out the viability of your idea. Improve on processes so that you can out-do your competitors.

Step Three: Get out there and promote your brand/product/service.

Step Four: Get a ton of sales and ask your customer base what they would like to see improved upon.

Step Five: Make changes in your systems and scale.

Here’s a little bit more info on how to succeed in building your business around your passion from Evan Carmichael’s video montage: Mark Cuban’s Top 10 Rules for Success.

What Most of Us Have Had to Do

If you’ve found your passion, great. It’s time to get to work on the next step. If you don’t have one, that’s okay. You can find things that you’re passionate about within an existing company. If you never find something that you’re passionate about, then at least you’ll have a fulfilling career by focusing on the things you enjoy about the company you’re working in. Heck, if you’re good at it and make everything in it turn to gold, you could even become the next general manager or CEO.

For those with more of an entrepreneurial spirit, but haven’t found a passion, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Most of us have to take the long road to success. We have had to immerse ourselves in several different industries. We’ve had to learn how to market products and services by being trained in best practices from companies that are great at it. We have had to discover the in’s and outs of retaining customers and scaling businesses through pre-existing processes in other companies that we have worked in.

Whatever you do, don’t just settle for a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). Make the goal of your career(s) to learn essential business skills – so that one day, when you do find your passion, you can be more successful than you ever dreamed possible.

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