How Fire Inc Atlanta Continues to Dominate

18 Dec

Below is an interview with the president of Fire Inc (Atlanta, GA), Malcolm Elavia conducted by Patrick Boneville of Inc Reviews. We have been granted permission to post this content in its entirety.

Fire Inc Atlanta MalcomWhat is it about Fire Inc that makes it one of the best places to work in Atlanta?

Well, I’m sure everyone has their own idea about what makes our company great. You might hear some of our employees talk about our culture and work environment, which is definitely one of the main things that attracts top talent to work with us. From other staff members, you might hear them talk about the opportunity for advancement. We’ve got some high performing “entrepreneurs-in-training,” and like a lot of us, they are fueled by an opportunity for advancement and a career path. Personally, I think it’s our compensation packages combined with our upward mobility that keeps us ahead of the pack.

You mentioned the work environment at Fire Inc. What about it makes people want to apply to work at your company?

We have a lot of young people working here. A lot of these guys and girls come from the hospitality and customer relations industry. In those industries there are two types of people. There are people who complain and like to gossip and there are those who get the job done and are great with people. The latter of those two groups are who we hire consistently and it’s a breath of fresh air for those people to get away from the first group. Everyone works together extremely well and has a great attitudes towards business and life in general.

So you’re saying that a key component to your success is hiring people with great attitudes?


Ok great. You also mentioned opportunity for advancement within your company is something that is held in high regard. So people have a pretty good chance of moving up?

That’s a little understated, but yes. We’ve got a track-record of success in expanding into new markets and taking on additional clients in different verticals throughout the United States. So, that gives our staff great confidence in our company’s procedures and internal promotion structure. However, we’re not to the point where we need to be yet, so there are many more markets available to us and several clients knocking on our door. These companies are huge and they desperately need someone to take the reins on their marketing campaigns and get the ball rolling. What this means for our people is a simple concept, really. Those who do the best work for our clients and show merit in training, leadership, and administration get promoted into managing partnerships pretty quickly.

For more information regarding career opportunities at Fire Inc, please visit our main website. For business tips, visit Fire Inc on Tumblr.

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