Why You Need a Personal Brand & How to Build It

30 Nov

As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, creating a personal brand is more important than ever. Just like with the branding efforts of a company, your future success in a company will be determined solely on how you develop your own personal brand. In other words, your success will either be limited in growth or skyrocketed according to what other people think about you and what you bring to the table.

Before we jump into how you can create a brand that scares the competition and wow’s your clients, we have to first examine the underlying idea of a competitive market. Take real estate for example. In Atlanta, there are hundreds of people trying to sell houses. Houses come in all shapes and sizes, but you can be pretty sure that a real estate agent tries to match up what a client is looking for with what’s on the market. The tricky parts to this are getting the listing and letting people know what’s available. The more real estate agents in a particular market, the tougher this is to do. Why would a home owner choose one real estate agent over another? Why would a new home buyer choose the same? Two words… PERSONAL BRANDING.

why you need a personal brand - fire inc atlanta

How to Build a Fantastic Personal Brand

Depending on where you are in your career, you should always be aware of people’s opinions of you. Not that you should do something just because you think it will make you popular, but you should know how your actions and behaviors come across to others. You should mainly be focusing on four groups of people: your clients, your coworkers, your management, and your competition. If you are just starting your career, it’s pretty easy to start building a great personal brand from day one. If you are a little further in your career, it’s not too late to get rocking and rolling on this.

Building a personal brand is relatively difficult when it comes to coworkers and management. But all you have to do, really, is be a good person with a great attitude who always has solutions. We see so many people across all types of industries who are quick to throw someone under the bus if a certain task doesn’t get accomplished. People complain about others and verbalize their opinions about them. People show up late to work and call in sick. Distance yourself from all of these types of people. Even if complaining and gossiping is considered the norm, you should be building a brand of positive influence and solutions to bigger problems at hand. This will build your personal brand quickly within the workplace.

As for clients, building a brand is easier. Since you don’t have to see these people every single day, it might be a little bit easier to put on a smile and look forward to these conversations. There are two reasons to meet with clients. Either you are selling something or you are retaining that client. Either one of those things are for monetary gain. Therefore, your clients’ opinions of you matter. Do your due diligence in knowing about their business or individual needs and offer better solutions than your competition. Treat people like they want to be treated and be quick with your follow-up. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and if people love how you treat them, you’ll gain referrals like there’s no tomorrow. After that, your competition will take notice. If your competition doesn’t know who you are or at least who your company is, you are either the extreme underdog in a huge market or you aren’t building a personal brand effectively.

When you ARE building your brand the RIGHT way, the competition will fear you and will try building some sort of fortification around their current customers. They will know that you aren’t one to be trifled with and that you mean business. Customers will want to give you their money. You managers will want to promote you. Your coworkers will want to actually BE you. When you’re working with other people, opinions matter. The good news is that you can help people form their opinions by bringing great results to the table, treating people with respect, and offering solutions.

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