4 Ways to Plow Through the Learning Curve

01 Oct

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The ability to learn quickly is definitely a skill as oppose to a natural talent. Many people think that learning or studying a new subject is hard, but that is not the case. In most new careers, people tend to get overwhelmed with all of the training and feel as though they are never going to be able to learn it all. So, in this article, we will look at a few easy strategies that you can use to learn just about anything.

Decide What’s Important

The first tip is that in order to learn anything quickly, you need to identify the most important aspects of that subject. This is the 80/20 rule where you need to find the most important 20% of the subject matter that will quickly advance your knowledge. For example, if you are learning a new foreign language, you should first create a list of the 100 most popular words or phrases and then learn these first. Once you do, then you will have a working knowledge of the language as oppose to other students who are still caught up learning the little details that are not extremely important.

Immerse Yourself

Another tip that will help you to learn quickly is that you should read as much as possible about the topic. Reading is one of the best ways to train your brain to absorb information and if you want to be an expert in a certain subject then you need to read as much as possible about it. Now, you can even watch dozens of videos on YouTube about any subject matter, so make sure to make use of this. If you are a visual learner, then you should spend your time watching more videos about the subject than reading pages of text.

Use Association

Another strategy to help you learn quickly is to find ways to associate the subjects that you are currently learning with things that you already know. This basically ties foreign subjects together with subjects you already know well, so this will help you to easily recall that new information. Of course, repetition and re-writing that information can also help to cement it in your brain, so you should also do that as well.


When it comes to learning quickly, you definitely need to learn how to focus your mind. Many people suffer from ADD-like attention spans, but you will need to learn how to focus. You can increase your ability to focus by meditating on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips and strategies to help you learn quickly. Once you follow the tips listed above, I am certain that you will be able to learn anything you set your mind to. View more about Fire Inc’s testimonials from some of our employees.

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