What Defines A Great Leader?

17 Sep
What Defines A Great Leader?

It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected, which is a perfect example of what being a leader entails. Leadership is never an easy path; it has its good and bad times, and any real leader knows how to sail with the situations as they come.

So, what defines a great leader?

The perfect answer to that question will come from identifying the various qualities or attributes that make a great leader.


Leadership is a role that cannot work without communication, those tasked with the role need to communicate with the subordinates, who are look up to their leader for direction and inspiration. Therefore, consistency in communication will be necessary to help establish work expectations and giving directions and guidance while staying open to feedback.


Any leader that shows signs of being timid will not earn the respect of those under his or her leadership. Confidence is an important quality in any leader. A leader should show confidence in various aspect of work even then the organization is experiencing a downturn. With confidence comes composure and the two are what any organization expects in those given the leadership positions.


Irrespective of the prevailing circumstances or situation within the organization, a leader should always show positivity, which is vital for the productivity of the employees. While positivity is necessary for any leader to have, the same is also expected of the leader to offer or teach to the subordinates, helping them to look at the bright side of things.


Of what roles is a leader if he or she does not know who to delegate duties! It is true that a great leader leads by example, knowing that the position held is one of service. However, leadership is only for a select few, those who know that it takes to be a team player, how to stir the ship during hard storms and still give directives on what should be done. As such, a leader must remember that he or she is the captain of the ship; as such always make wise decisions when delegating duties.


Having strong moral principles that ensure absolute fairs and equality when exercising various duties is and important aspect of leadership and this has something to do with being a person of integrity. It touches on other key qualities such as honesty and being trustworthy with not just the issues of the organization but also those of the employees, at a personal level.

Fire Inc’s Leadership Development Program

At Fire Inc (Atlanta, GA), every one of our employees is on a management track. We don’t hire people just to fill positions. We hire people who will make great leaders in our organization. We then cultivate and nurture our people’s development through one-on-one executive coaching, accountability partnerships, sales and marketing training, networking events, philanthropy opportunities, and mentoring workshops to enable our top performers to rise quickly through the ranks and become managing partners in our firm. Read more about that here.

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