Fire Inc. Atlanta Pumpkin Carving Contest

12 Nov

Halloween might be behind us, with only the discounted candy and discarded pumpkins in the grocery stores to remind us of the holiday.  But here at Fire Inc. Atlanta we plan to keep the festivities going for just a little longer as we present the winners of our Halloween pumpkin carving contest.

The pumpkin contest results were amazing, and it was difficult to pick a winner.  Despite the fact that the judges had allowed entries to be more than just carving (suggestions included using straight pins to attach decorations or painting the pumpkins), all of the entries did an excellent job with nothing more than just a knife and a pumpkin.

Entries were judged on originality, ingenious use of inexpensive and recycled materials, quality of the work, suitability of the title, and quality of work.

The winners of the contest will have a pizza party and special recognition in the organization newsletter.

Here are the finalists:

The High Seas- Fire Inc. Atlanta

The Avengers- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Pumpkin Piggy- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Puking Pumpkin - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Pissed Pumpkin- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Jack O Lantern Family -Fire Inc. Atlanta

Goblin- Fire Inc. Atlanta

Belichick's Ball - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Flying Dragon - Fire Inc. Atlanta

And the winner was this pumpkin, entitled “Pitching out his bum”

Pitching Out His Bum - Fire Inc. Atlanta

Thanks to everyone who participated for making the season a festive one!


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