The Digital Office Daydream

01 Nov

Ryan Anderson has imagined the offices of the future—specifically twenty years down the road. And though the definition of “going to work” has changed in his daydream, much remains the same. In an article on the BBC, Anderson discusses what he thinks work could be like in the future.


Mobile technologies, even today, have had an effect on how and where work is completed. Some people can do their work completely remotely without any real issues. In the future Anderson imagines, most traditional office workers will be “remote,” going to work at a kind of local hotspot where they can literally plug in and connect with either an interactive or private network.


Gamers, who have a reputation for being able to collaborate, match skills, and share goals virtually, would inspire these new norms. Drawing on game structures, businesses would begin teaching their employees how to work together without ever actually meeting face-to-face.


Anderson predicts that in the future, workers will have control over when and where they work. They will still have options and opportunities to meet face-to-face with people, but it won’t necessarily be an everyday occurrence.


Carbon footprints would be decreased because people would no longer have to commute. Work would be more easily accessible and instantly available once at a local workspace. Companies wouldn’t have to hold so much real estate property hostage. Speech would be instantly translatable into the listener’s native language.


And despite the fact that people would spend most of their time meeting digitally, they would still value face time with one another when establishing relationships and trust.




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