Social Media Guidelines everyone should follow

23 Oct

With the birth of social media—and the ensuing boom of the industry—it’s become more important than ever to guard your identity, your profile, and what you share with others. While social media websites do a great job of making us feel like only we and our friends can see what’s posted, that’s not always the case.


While it’s great to be able to share what you do in your personal time as well as who you work for, it’s also essential that you’re aware of what you’re making visible to others. Here are some guidelines from Fire Inc. Atlanta to help ensure you don’t upset your employers or share information you don’t necessarily want everyone to know:


  1. Think before you speak—if you’re joining into any conversation, especially a work-related one, make sure you first understand the context of the conversation. Respond to ideas rather than people, and stay away from being offensive. If you are angry, it’s best to let yourself cool off and then decide how (and if) to respond.
  2. Decide if your purpose is personal or professional—Why are you using social networking? Is it for your friends or your business reputation? Try to keep the two separate, perhaps using Facebook for personal and LinkedIn for professional.
  3. Carefully review postings—Whether it’s a video or a photo, consider what it looks like to others before posting it. Perhaps you had a great time at your New Year’s party, but posting an embarrassing (albeit funny) picture where you’re clearly intoxicated doesn’t bode well for your professionalism. Be aware of your level of privacy when posting by reading the site’s terms of use.
  4. Consider what you’re writing and who can see it—For example, it may not be a great idea to post about where you live, when you’re leaving for vacation, etc. You could be compromising your own privacy and security, and also that of others.

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