Sales Prospecting

15 Oct

When done correctly, sales prospecting can have a significant positive effect on your sales revenue. So, how can you more successfully prospect? Here are a few simple suggestions to help get the ball rolling:

1.     Assess your situation, including what and where your product works best, how you have been branded, how effective previous (if any) prospecting has been, and how much time you can afford to spend prospecting.

2.     Set a goal for your revenue based on your assessment. Challenge yourself, but stay realistic.

3.     Develop a strategy for prospecting. How will you successfully reach your goal? Here are some examples of tried-and-true strategies:

a.     Ask around for leads to determine who might be interested in your product or service, then make a target list of companies and be able to justify why they would be a good fit for you

b.     Commit to a specific prospecting schedule and build your week around it

c.      Qualify your prospects—learn about their current situation and what barriers might be present

d.     Follow up with interested prospects

e.     Know your audience, including the company and top executives

f.      Be familiar with your message. It shouldn’t sound scripted, but you should know what you plan to say

g.     Be prepared for common objections and questions

h.     Take notes to help your credibility in future meetings

And remember, there is always room for improvement. Take the time to hone your skills and try new methods. Prospecting may not be the most comfortable or rewarding part of sales, but when used correctly it can be incredibly effective.


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