Getting Promoted

08 Oct

Promotion is no longer a given in the current job market. These days, if you want to move up, it’s more likely than not you’ve got to work the system. There are a number of things you can do to increase the likelihood of getting promoted.

Start by finding a mentor within your workplace. This should be someone higher up the ladder than you, and someone who can help you learn and grow. Knowing someone above you (other than your boss) also helps your visibility and networking. Being noticed (in a good way) is essential.

It’s also a good idea to keep track of your successes and take note of ways in which you and your team enrich and improve the company. Then, share these successes with your mentor, boss, and anyone you’ve networked with.

Developing positive relationships with both your co-workers and boss will show that you care about your work and the company, and are a team player. If you plan to get promoted, you’ll need as much support as you can garner, so building up trust and bonding with others is essential (not to mention more enjoyable).

Perhaps the most important thing you can do on the road to promotion is to continue growing professionally. Translation: constantly work on expanding your knowledge base to keep yourself marketable. Come to work on time and ready to work. Act professionally. Dress professionally. Take on extra responsibilities. Showing initiative and long-term interest in the company will show your superiors that you are growing and ready to move up.


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