How do you survive a long flight?

21 Sep

As we head to Miami, the team at Fire, Inc. has travel on the mind.  Here’s some suggestions on how best to avoid the worst of what long flights have to offer.

One of the most annoying things in the world is trying to survive a long flight.  And with the current market, flights as long as 12 hours are not as unusual as they used to be. And even a six hour flight between San Diego and New York can be difficult if you aren’t prepared for it.

So what can you do to make your flight as painless as possible?  First things first, plan your trip so that you decrease jet lag as much as possible.  Are you arriving at night? You should plan to stay awake as much as possible so that you’re ready to sleep when you get there.  Are you getting in in the morning?  Then plan to sleep as much as possible on the plane.

Choose your flight wisely, and consider upgrading if possible.  12 hours with first-class legroom and a bed that fully reclines is a great deal more enjoyable than 8 crammed into a seat that won’t recline next to five other people.

It also helps to wear clothing that will comfortable for long periods of time.  Loose-fitting clothes that don’t impede blood flow are a good idea, as well as layers that you can remove or put on as the situation suits you.

Bring entertainment.  Sure, working may seem like a great way to catch up free of emails and phone calls, but if you’re competing with a profound sense of boredom you’re going to want something that can distract you from having the same scenery for hours upon hours.  At the same time, while you might be planning on sleeping there’s no guarantee your body will agree with you.  Bring some books or movies just in case.

In the same vein, seriously consider bringing something that will cut down on noise.  There’s nothing quite as jarring as trying to sleep only to find yourself concentrating on the seat tapping of a neighbor or being unable to stop listening to a conversation happening down the aisle.

And, most importantly, don’t forget to take care of your body.  Planes are notorious for being dehydrating, and travelers should plan on drinking plenty of liquids, especially electrolyte solutions like Gatorade.  Avoid drinks that will dehydrate you further, like coffee or soft drinks, and avoid alcohol.

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