4 Ways to Plow Through the Learning Curve

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The ability to learn quickly is definitely a skill as oppose to a natural talent. Many people think that learning or studying a new subject is hard, but that is not the case. In most new careers, people tend to get overwhelmed with all of the training and feel as though they are never going to be able to learn it all. So, in this article, we will look at a few easy strategies that you can use to learn just about anything.

Decide What’s Important

The first tip is that in order to learn anything quickly, you need to identify the most important aspects of that subject. This is the 80/20 rule where you need to find the most important 20% of the subject matter that will quickly advance your knowledge. For example, if you are learning a new foreign language, you should first create a list of the 100 most popular words or phrases and then learn these first. Once you do, then you will have a working knowledge of the language as oppose to other students who are still caught up learning the little details that are not extremely important.

Immerse Yourself

Another tip that will help you to learn quickly is that you should read as much as possible about the topic. Reading is one of the best ways to train your brain to absorb information and if you want to be an expert in a certain subject then you need to read as much as possible about it. Now, you can even watch dozens of videos on YouTube about any subject matter, so make sure to make use of this. If you are a visual learner, then you should spend your time watching more videos about the subject than reading pages of text.

Use Association

Another strategy to help you learn quickly is to find ways to associate the subjects that you are currently learning with things that you already know. This basically ties foreign subjects together with subjects you already know well, so this will help you to easily recall that new information. Of course, repetition and re-writing that information can also help to cement it in your brain, so you should also do that as well.


When it comes to learning quickly, you definitely need to learn how to focus your mind. Many people suffer from ADD-like attention spans, but you will need to learn how to focus. You can increase your ability to focus by meditating on a daily basis for at least 10 minutes.

In closing, we have just looked at a few tips and strategies to help you learn quickly. Once you follow the tips listed above, I am certain that you will be able to learn anything you set your mind to. View more about Fire Inc’s testimonials from some of our employees.

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What Defines A Great Leader?

What Defines A Great Leader?

It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected, which is a perfect example of what being a leader entails. Leadership is never an easy path; it has its good and bad times, and any real leader knows how to sail with the situations as they come.

So, what defines a great leader?

The perfect answer to that question will come from identifying the various qualities or attributes that make a great leader.


Leadership is a role that cannot work without communication, those tasked with the role need to communicate with the subordinates, who are look up to their leader for direction and inspiration. Therefore, consistency in communication will be necessary to help establish work expectations and giving directions and guidance while staying open to feedback.


Any leader that shows signs of being timid will not earn the respect of those under his or her leadership. Confidence is an important quality in any leader. A leader should show confidence in various aspect of work even then the organization is experiencing a downturn. With confidence comes composure and the two are what any organization expects in those given the leadership positions.


Irrespective of the prevailing circumstances or situation within the organization, a leader should always show positivity, which is vital for the productivity of the employees. While positivity is necessary for any leader to have, the same is also expected of the leader to offer or teach to the subordinates, helping them to look at the bright side of things.


Of what roles is a leader if he or she does not know who to delegate duties! It is true that a great leader leads by example, knowing that the position held is one of service. However, leadership is only for a select few, those who know that it takes to be a team player, how to stir the ship during hard storms and still give directives on what should be done. As such, a leader must remember that he or she is the captain of the ship; as such always make wise decisions when delegating duties.


Having strong moral principles that ensure absolute fairs and equality when exercising various duties is and important aspect of leadership and this has something to do with being a person of integrity. It touches on other key qualities such as honesty and being trustworthy with not just the issues of the organization but also those of the employees, at a personal level.

Fire Inc’s Leadership Development Program

At Fire Inc (Atlanta, GA), every one of our employees is on a management track. We don’t hire people just to fill positions. We hire people who will make great leaders in our organization. We then cultivate and nurture our people’s development through one-on-one executive coaching, accountability partnerships, sales and marketing training, networking events, philanthropy opportunities, and mentoring workshops to enable our top performers to rise quickly through the ranks and become managing partners in our firm. Read more about that here.

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Learn the Art of Persuasion to Succeed in Sales

Learn the Art of Persuasion to Succeed in Sales

Have you been trying your hand at sales? Are you disappointed because your current methodology just isn’t cutting it? You shouldn’t be surprised, you aren’t using the art of persuasion after all. Once you master this art, you’ll be a sales monster. But first, you need to understand what this can do for you…

It Teaches You To Empathize With Your Customers

To persuade another human being to believe or do something, you have to understand the person. If you are not emphatic by nature, then the art of persuasion is going to teach you to become so. This is an inherently good thing, so don’t fight it.

The more that you can connect with a potential customer the easier it is to sell to them. There is no better skill for you to learn than how to connect with your audience, and the art of persuasion is perfect for honing that skill.

It Forces You To Learn Your Product Inside And Out

Persuasion is all about gaining an upper hand. This does not mean that you beat down a potential customer with information until they submit. Quite the opposite in fact. You do whatever it takes to make them feel like they’re running the show, and you’re just the calm and cool person that is going to help them. You achieve this by learning your product and your pitch inside out. You learn your customer inside out. Selling doesn’t become an act, it is merely muscle memory.

It Raises Your Confidence And Makes You A Better Closer

All of that studying is going to have a tangible effect on your confidence, whether you realize it or not. Knowing everything so well, and being armed with the art of persuasion, it is going to be impossible for you to fail at closing your deals. Customers are going to legitimately feel that you are doing them a favor. You’re going to wonder why closing seemed like it was so hard in the first place.

You know what the art of persuasion can do for you, so why aren’t you learning more about it? This piece has merely been a push in the right direction. It’s the art of persuasion in action, in fact. Do you want to be this convincing? Do a little more research and start learning the art of persuasion today. You’ll get there in no time. At Fire Inc, we have the best sales and marketing trainers in the country on our team. Learn more about some of our exciting careers here.

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The 33% Rule For Success

It makes sense to seek out a mentor. Every successful person has had at least one, but have you ever wondered why a successful person would even take that person on to mentor? Furthermore, there are a lot of people who simply just give out free information to others. They start blogs, Facebook groups, and produce instructional YouTube videos. But why?

This is just part of the 33% rule for success.

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Successful people have realized along their journey that they should be spending time with people who are doing the things you want to be doing someday, people who are your peers, and those who aren’t where you are yet.

Spend Time with People Not on Your Level

So many of us get wrapped up in our own problems and don’t take a minute to step outside of our situation, take a look around, and get our bearings. By spending time with people in your industry who aren’t quite at the place you are, you tend to gain a sense of humble humility. You also get a sense that you are further ahead than from where you came. This will give you a slight boost in your perceived ability to handle problems. I specifically use the word “perceived” because I believe we have an unlimited internal resource for thinking critically and solving problems. However, many of us just don’t ‘think’ we do. By spending 33% of your time with people who aren’t where you are, mentoring and coaching them, you’ll gain a lot of confidence.

Compete with Your Peers

The second third of our time should be spent with people who are on the same level that we are. Just imagine going to the gym and working out with only people who weren’t quite at your level of physical fitness. Eventually, you wouldn’t try as hard. You wouldn’t put out that much effort. Spending time with people who are on your level sparks the competitive side and you’ll exert more time, effort, and resources to beat them. This is healthy for professional growth as well.

Get a Mentor

The other 33% of people that we should spend time with are people that are doing the things that we want to be doing…people who are a couple of levels above where we are currently. This gives us something to strive for and continue growing. Furthermore, you gain valuable insight on how to get there. The human brain only learns by making mistakes. That’s a commonly accepted fact by scientists across many fields of biology. Sam Walton once said that it isn’t a rule that says that these mistakes have to be their own. So many people who are doing what you want to be doing or are at the level of success, income, independence, etc. have already made the mistakes. You can cheat experience by learning from their mistakes instead.

If you aren’t reaching out to pull people up that aren’t quite on your level yet, start. If you aren’t getting competitive with your peers or you don’t have a mentor or two, it’s time to get busy. By grounding yourself and focusing on the present, while learning from the past, and being excited for the future, your future self will be so much further ahead than if you don’t.

To understand more about the mentor-student relationship of a highly effective team, read about the corporate atmosphere on our website.

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4 Tips for Business Owners in Training

business owners in training fire inc

There are a lot of things that I could mention in this article that will help people become successful business owners. After expanding our organization into several different cities throughout the United States by developing our people into managing partners, we’ve acquired a keen sense of what it takes to be successful. Don’t just keep pulling your hair out wondering if you’ll be a success or not. Just follow these 7 tips for success and you’ll be head and shoulders above the competition.

Be Nice to People

Granted, not everyone will be nice to you. In fact, most people are going to think that you are crazy for wanting to run or own a business. Customers are going to be rude to you. People are going to tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself for soliciting your services. You can tell yourself whatever you want to make yourself feel better, but at the end of the day, your success or failure will be influenced by your audience’s perception of you. It always makes things worse when you are disrespectful or make snide remarks. It never makes things worse if you are nice. People will come around, but not if you don’t give them a reason to.

Immerse Yourself in Your Industry

Don’t just wade in the shallow end. Don’t just dip your toes in and test the waters. Jump in. Immerse yourself in the industry in which you are going to be running your business. No one ever made any progress by just ‘trying it out.’ In order to make waves in an industry and really be a success, you have to know what the other leaders of the industry are doing, what they aren’t doing, and what they should be doing. Have your thumb on the pulse of your industry, know more than your competitors, and focus your daily actions around beating them.

Cash is King

It doesn’t matter how great your business idea sounds if you don’t have the money to back it up. There’s a saying about rainy days and saving money, and it rains more frequently if you are a business owner. There are a lot of expenses, some of which you wouldn’t expect, that you have to have liquid funds for. Don’t tie up all of your money in leasing a brand new office space, buying a company car, or other frivolous ideas. You haven’t made it yet. You haven’t even started. Save your money, build a bank roll, and stay profitable.

Prepare for the Long Haul

Some people are known to become overnight successes. Recently on Live with Kelly and Michael, Amy Schumer mentioned that she has been called the fastest-rising comedian. She also went on to say that she’s been called that over the last decade or so. There’s no such thing as an overnight success in the real world. It takes several years of hard work, working for peanuts, and filling your pockets with knowledge and experience instead. Only later on will your knowledge and experience turn into dollars.

At Fire Inc, we’ve expanded into several different cities throughout the United States by training motivated individuals into business partners. Not one of them has been an ‘overnight success,’ but several of them have been able to get promoted into these positions within a year’s time. For more information on our training, click here.

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“The Secret” Has a Secret

“The Secret” Has a Secret

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the saying, ‘You attract what you think about the most,’ or ‘Attitude is altitude,’ or something to the effect. But do you actually believe it? It’s hard to take those types of sayings seriously, especially if the events in our life point to the contrary. In this post, I’ll explain how this feedback loop works a little bit and hopefully you can make some sense out of all the positive attitude junkies out there.

First of all, if you’ve ever watched the movie or read the book, “The Secret,” then you have already been privy to a wide array of “experts” telling you that your attitude dictates your future. They say that all you have to do is think positively and the world will shift and bend to your needs. Well, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. I don’t know how many times I’ve really wanted things, imagined what it would be like getting those things, drew up a ‘vision board,’ and repeated the process until I was blue in the face.


Haven’t read it? Click Here.

What I did realize from the whole experience of trying out methods from that world renowned book, is that there is a very basic missing ingredient. It wasn’t until I discovered this missing ingredient that I saw any sort of success worth mentioning.

‘The Secret’ Has a Secret

The missing ingredient, more like a missing step, is to be open to opportunities that might lead you to that thing that you are wanting. In the book, the authors of “The Secret” use an example of a child wishing and praying for a new red bike. One day, it just ends up in front of his door because he surrounded himself with positive thoughts of that bike. They don’t go into any detail on the events that actually led up to him receiving it. I think readers and viewers of the film can get a little off track if they never take into consideration that the boy might have done some things in-between that actually caused certain events to take place which eventually led to the desired outcome.

the secretHere’s a simple example. If you really want a new car, every fiber of your being will be enthusiastic in conversations about that car. When you talk to your parents or friends, they will notice how much you REALLY want it. You don’t even have to say it. They notice. Then, according to “The Secret,” the universe notices as well. The world works in mysterious ways though. That’s important to note. You aren’t going to wake up one day, walk outside, and find that car in your driveway. What WILL happen, though, is you will be more aware of opportunities that MAY lead to you getting that car. Recognizing those opportunities and acting on them is what will lead you down the right path to achieving a goal. No one is going to simply hand it over to you. You’re going to have to keep your eyes open, maintain focus, and act on opportunities.

So, that’s how it all works. Everything that the positive attitude gurus are teaching is right on, but you have to learn the application yourself. You have to learn how to read between the lines with events that are unfolding all around you every single day. Reflect a bit on missed opportunities and commit to not repeating those same mistakes.

Think positively, but more importantly, take action.

To see how Fire Inc (Atlanta, GA) is acting on opportunities, visit our website.

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Quit Whining. Be a Professional. Move Forward.

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Professionalism is one of those things that people are aware of during the interview process (most of the time), but forget about after they begin a new position. With so many people in the job market, people might be inclined to simply say what they think the potential employer wants to hear during the interview process. However, if they get the job, they will have a hard time making it a great fit. So many young professionals may think that details don’t matter when it comes to being on time, not spreading office gossip, dress code, not complaining, sick days, etc. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that today’s young professionals rarely stay at a position for very long.

In order to make a job a truly great career, professionalism has to be in the forefront. It has to be so instilled into your habits that other people can simply take a quick glance at your demeanor and know that you are going places. If you have a customer facing position, your clients/customers have to feel like they are on a level playing field when they speak with you. When dealing with coworkers and bosses, there has to be a hint of humility, a large dose of understanding, and a heavy amount of communicating thoughts and ideas non-offensively. Everything you do has to have professionalism written all over it if you ever hope to advance within a company.

The Importance of Professionalism in Your Road to Success

Obviously, this is a lot easier said than done for some people. For others, it’s a no-brainer. You might be thinking, ‘Of course I would never call in sick my first week on the job.’ Well, if that’s the case, you should probably picture yourself in a management position. If you are thinking, ‘What’s wrong with being just a few minutes late occasionally?’ then you should probably figure out what your long-term goals are and how your daily actions might be out of alignment with them. When it comes to minor attendance/dress code issues with professionalism, just remember that it is YOUR choice. When you are hired for a position, you know the rules of the game. You can’t just decide not to follow them after the game has started.

When it comes to interacting with people, whether it be customers or coworkers, just treat other people as you think THEY would want to be treated. Both you and I have different thresholds for verbal abuse and awkwardness. So, the ‘golden rule’ may not apply in all situations. Instead, be nice to people and treat people well. It doesn’t ALWAYS help – since other people may be on a mission to make it difficult to work with them – but it will never HURT.

When you interview for your next position, be sure that you are willing to exude professionalism in all areas – not just during the interview. This in itself (like anything else) can’t guarantee your success in any company, but it is a major component. With professionalism, you’ve got a shot. Without it, you don’t.

At Fire Inc (Atlanta, GA), both professionalism and integrity are the cornerstones of our business. To view more on these topics, visit our website here.

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